About the Space Industry Directory

Connecting the Space Industry

We created Space-industry.com to connect space companies, organizations and individuals throughout the world. This online directory contains an extensive database of local and international space organizations, where visitors can search for suppliers of aerospace products and services, or establish new business or research partnerships.

Who is listing in the space industry directory?

The space industry directory is designed to strengthen relationships between all sectors of the space industry. Every organization that is involved in space should be listed:

We hope that you find what you need here and return often. If you are space company or an individual working in a space-related field, we strongly encourage you to register online. It is quick, easy and free!

What kinds of listings are available?

There are two levels of listings available on Space-Industry.com. Standard listings are free and a great way to get started. Premium listings offer extra features that help people find your organization amongst all the others (which will be useful when the directory becomes large). For more information see the products listing.

The Space-Industry.com team

Chris Boshuizen

Chris Boshuizen, co-founder

Chris is a vocal advocate of space exploration. He has been active within the Australian and international space communities since 1999. Chris has worked with the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) to organize their annual congress, and served as Executive Director from 2006 to 2008. Chris is thirty-one and currently lives in the United States, where, in addition to running Space-Industry.com, he works full time as a contractor at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Gabriel Peacock

Gabriel Peacock, co-founder

Gabriel is a veteran consultant in business transformation using the web. Gabriel's role in Space-Industry.com has been to develop a stable technical platform for the directory to achieve its aims and enable its growth. He has developed solutions for major telecommunications, banking, insurance, publishing and energy companies, and been a consultant to several governments in his career. Gabriel is twenty-nine and currently lives in Norfolk.

Assisting organizations

Space-Industry.com was designed with the assistance of Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants, the National Space Society of Australia and the Australia Space Industry Chamber of Commerce. In particular, we are grateful for the assistance of Tim McEgan, Kirby Ikin and Bill Barret.